gerard en ria

Gerard, a born and bred Islander, lives with Ria, born and raised in Amsterdam, above the apartment TS37 at the port of West Terschelling. They have two children, Katja and Ruud. Gerard and Ria started in 1990 in the rental of apartments in Groede Oosterend, after they had stopped the construction company that they had before. In 2000 they had the opportunity to buy the old farm Finistère in Oosterend. This farm was so off that a new Finistère came in its place. In 2010 Katja and Ruud took over the farms and Gerard and Ria moved  to West-Terschelling , back to the "Ferret Corner". Where they have always lived. For TS37 Katja is the representative, because Gerard Ria and not very much at home. If they are at home, you can also lose them your questions. In particular, Gerard knows much about Terschelling and history.