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Oosterend 12, Terschelling Oosterend, Friesland, 8897 HZ, Netherlands

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Property description

20% or more discount may be available if the arrival date is before 21-06-2019. Book now to make the most of this offer!

Vacation apartments "the Groede", with a view on the Wadden dike consists of 12 apartments.

The apartments are suitable for four people, and consist of two floors. Besides your own apartment in Groede, you can use a common room. An ideal opportunity to sit together if you are in a group (family / business outing, party or similar) has rented apartments. Each apartment has a private terrace and garden. Patio furniture is provided. Behind the farm is an opportunity to dry your laundry and there is a playground with play equipment for children.

The layout of the apartment is as follows:

Ground floor: entrance hall, living room / kitchen, sofa bed (1.60x2.00), private terrace.

Upper floor: 1 bedroom (2-1p box spring beds), cot. Bathroom with shower, toilet and wash basin, baby bath is available.

Features: TV, DVD player (no dvd`s present), free wireless internet, central heating, washing machine, microwave, highchair is available. Playpen available on request. The quilts are synthetic, as well as the pillows. A joint freezer is present in the barn behind the farmhouse. Breakfast can be ordered optionally with us. An order lies with the landlord.

Room types

61,00€ to 93,00€

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Area activities

De Groede is located in the polder 250 meters from the Waddendijk, one kilometer from the North Sea beach and one kilometer from the European Nature Boschplaat.

With so much nature around you, there is plenty to do. You can explore on their own initiative Terschelling, whether you do it through a covered wagon ride, organized walks or bike rides. There are many companies and agencies on the island who want to tell you all about Terschelling.

There are also a number of outdoor companies on Terschelling, where you can Kitesurfing, Mountain biking, power kiting, play golf blokarting (sand yachting) etc. If you want to know more about this, please contact us.

Check in times

You can on the arrival day from 15: 00h afternoons enter your apartment. You can be reported upon arrival at the porch of the Groede.

On the day of departure, the apartment around 09: 00h to leave. We would appreciate it if you happen again just unsubscribe, so that together we can still just say hello. Should you start with the first boat, then you can even opt for the evening ahead.

Driving directions

From the boat you can easily reach us by public transport. Arriva on Terschelling addition to the OV-chip also has a standard ticket which you can buy on the bus.

If you come with your own car, then it remain a matter of following the main road. After 12 km you arrive in Oosterend. Groede farm next to the white eatery Boschplaat.

Other transport

You can reserve bikes through our website with 10% discount. These bikes are waiting for you at your apartment. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to put the bikes on the boat waiting for you. If you prefer to bike from the boat to us, then we advise you to spot on arrival to rent a bike there.

Naturally there Taxi`s ride on Terschelling.

Policies & disclaimers

ALSO ON THE FOLLOWING PROVISIONS By signing this contract will be tenant to landlord 50% of the agreed rental payments. The earnest money is an advance on the rent bill and will therefore be deducted from the agreed rent. The remaining amount of rent will be six weeks before your arrival date paid. Reservations made within 6 weeks before arrival 100% deposit is due. The landlord is only bound by this agreement after receiving pocket money. No rights can be derived from the chosen dates and amounts of on-line bookings. Landlord rights and obligations. Landlord By signing this contract requires the accommodation at the agreed time clean and in good condition to the tenant (star) to deliver. Landlord may at all reasonable times visit rented or tenant-adsspirant (-women) do visit. Landlord may have the furniture / furnishing of the leased space after signing the lease no further modification. Landlord is required at its expense for the rental of inventory, including for the tenant (-star) a proper fire exit. Tenant rights and obligations (-star). Tenant (star) declares itself with location, design and proper condition of the rented completely known. Tenant (star) may not be rented to third parties or used for lease surrender, nor do people stay in it more than the agreed contract without prior written permission of the lessor. With (without permission) exceeded that number of persons is deemed to have terminated the contract. The tenant (-Star) will hire neat and clean inhabit, in which he / she is liable for damage to the rented property, including damage or loss of (part of) inventory, caused during the rental period unless the tenant (- star) can prove that the damage to him / her, his / her family or guests can not be attributed. On the damage is deducted, under any insurance paid. Tenant (star) is committed after the lease period the lease with the property contained therein to deliver clean inventory. Pets are not allowed. Tenant (-Star) will only be rented as holiday accommodation and in particular, it may not appeal or pursue business. It is prohibited in the rental equipment for cooking or other wasdoeleinden to use than those set by the lessor are submitted and posted. The tenant (-s) banned from making music or noise nuisance caused to other residents of the property or environment. General The provision of rental property to the Tenant (star) is by handing the house keys. The property should be between 14.00 hours and 22.30 hours on the day of arrival to be involved. Tenant (-Star) who fails at their vacation address (to) arrive, the landlord must be reasonable notice, to enable an appointment can be made on receiving the keys of the resort. Tenant (star) are considered the rental of the inventory contained therein have been accepted in accordance with the present inventory leased, unless he has within four hours after the occupation of the rental property to the lessor has protested. Landlord is required if required by the end of the lease term to the original agreement to make a note that the rental object contained therein in accordance with the inventory in the rental inventory available to existing tenants (-Star) is provided. When the rent between the tenant will pay the bill in advance (star) should be agreed and the lease be given. / Lessor is not liable for the consequences of theft, damage to property of the lessee (-star) or accidents, and another one unless there is negligence on his side. But then the lessor shall never be obliged to pay additional costs or damages, for which an ordinary liability insurance would provide coverage under these circumstances. Verhuuurvoorwaarden: rent is only granted to families or families in a group. Dissolution. Landlord is entitled to the contract as rescinded without notice or judicial intervention will be necessary. If at the start of the rental period the full rent has not been met. a.indien tenant (star) the hired before leaving on time b. If the hood tenant (-s) fails to involve the accommodation on the day the rental period begins before 22.30, no mail, telephone or telegram to have that he / she subsequently rented during the rental period will involve. c. If the tenant (star) the obligations under this Agreement and / or by the rules of procedure not properly comply. Without prejudice to the liability of the tenant (star) for the full rent in the sub a, b, c and d. cases, the landlord-held view in those cases resulting damage control, seeking the object for which it is not the time by the tenant (star) is involved in letting one another, the amount received in that respect deducted by the tenant (star) after deduction of rent due, however, an amount of ¤. 15, - due to administrative costs incurred. This Section also applies if the Tenant (star) personal or other circumstances prevented the use of the rented. Cancellation Provisions (Standard vvv) Changes by the customer / guest until 28 days before date of arrival in January the client / host change to the agreement requests that case to the extent possible, be made, provided that the client / host meets the new rent and also pays an amount of € . 15, --. Replacement of a traveler is notified up to 7 days before arrival, under the condition mentioned in this paragraph. Rejection of the application will be given. 1 From 28 days before date of arrival will change in general not possible. 2 If a request, despite rejection maintained then this aks cancellation of the contract and the cancellation provisions apply. Cancellation by the client / guest. If an application for an apartment or bungalow is canceled by the customer / guest in addition to any reservation costs invoiced the following amounts: € 15, - cancellation fee. a cancellation up to 42 days before date of arrival: 30% of the rent. b cancellation from the 42th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival: 60% of the rent. c cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival, 90% of the rent. d cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the full rent 3Athe cancel a lease for a portion of the guests who stay together for a bungalow or an apartment is considered as a cancellation of the entire lease, so that all guests the sums mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, to be paid. 3b If the remaining guests with the same organizer a new agreement is concluded, will be for him / them) the rent applicable, as stated in the pricing table. 3c Is this new contract for the same period and then the same property for the remaining guests cancellation, are deducted from the new rents. The total sum of 1) cancellation charges and 2) increased rents the total rents for the original guests never exceed. Disputes. In case of any disputes between tenants (-Star) and the landlord may arise emergence of this lease or other agreements that might result, will the party invoking the mediation of the local tourist board in whose area the cottage is situated on, in order to reach an amicable settlement, maintain protective nature of legal action on the part of the landlord, who tolerate no delay. The mediation of the local tourist office can only be invoked if the landlord in question is connected to that verhuurobjekt vvv.


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